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analytic solutions for consumer packaged goods

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Generating Insight. Delivering ROI.

Sequoya’s 20/20 Analytics Platform delivers solutions to provide CPG firms with the insights to build better plans and achieve greater ROI.

Whether it is an everyday price decision, change to promotion strategy, shopper marketing overlays or response to competitive threats, 20/20 Analytics provides both a historical evaluation along with a real-time predictive modeling and scenario planning.

We focus on consumption. Modeling, decomposing and predicting consumer demand is the hub of our analytical engine. Integrating financials and spending complete the process to generate insight and deliver ROI.

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Our team is fortunate to work with sophisticated clients from all over the world, but we call Sarasota, Florida our home. The many resources afforded to us, as well as our ability to manage and serve remote relationships, give our firm it's global depth and reach. If you would like to schedule an appointment or have a general inquiry, please contact us today.

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